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Full Version: What is your favorite forum software?
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I like XenForo cause that's what I'm comfortable with.  However, though, my view is highly subjective.  For instance, I got nothing really against other forum software, and in fact, would like to get more into MyBB.
I haven't tried other software so I can't tell. To me MyBB is fine. Though, sometimes I see some cool features on xenforo and vbulletin It makes me want to try it.
XenForo - MyBB - phpBB - SMF - Burning Boards is the order of interest that I have - greatest to least. As far as Vanilla Forums is concerned, I don't like the layout and text on BBpress (WordPress forum setup) is too small.

On 2nd thought, I'm not sure where to place Burning Boards cause I know little of it, but suspect it's good - and I know for sure it's the lowest priced premium software.