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Embarrassed3 HELLO PEOPLE Embarrassed1
My name is Andrew and i love playing video games (mainly RPGs) and watching anime (mainly Romance) I hope that we can get along and talk about all kinds of things feel free to ask me anything about anything and i hope that you will let me do the same (and by anything i mean anything from what my favorite colour is to where the best place to hide a body is) i am very open about lots of things and love a good discussion so yeah nice to meet ya 

[Image: mery_xmas.png]

I was moved in this part, when little tsubaki encourage him to jump off the bridge
because it will change his life. It can also inspire us in many ways especially if you are
doubtful in things and always regret the things that you've never done.

Hello everyone im a fan of fairytail anime! 
I wish to see more post about Fairytail!

Hinata Hyuga Cosplay By “DangerousBunny"

[Image: b596b956239b5ae466120d1f85cb7a72.jpg]

She really looks like the big hinata and matured to me, though I really want to see the shyness type of  this cosplay here is the closest and most realistic hinata to me!

[Image: 34ccc063b4dce52a0e57b08bfdfeacc069ce2c2d_hq.jpg]
[Image: c130faea6d082611116003bcfac31178a678de50_hq.jpg]
image from aminoapps

This manga is very interesting that you'll get addicted especially if you're fan of RPG games.
The story is about Lee Hyun who needs the money for his hospitalize grandmother and his younger sister education.  He decided to play VRMMO games to make money, and his adventure begin from there as Weed. After learning an Ultimate Quest and learn the unique class "Legendary Moonlight Sculpture" and the story turn into a very fun and adventurous for Weed.

[Image: Little_Kaori_chan.png]

Brings back memories, I miss this anime! When little Kaori-chan was touched by the music of Kousei Arima.

[Image: DRIFTER_QUOTES_1.png]

Some Speech of a true warrior to increase the morale of his men! ^_^

[Image: YOUR_NAME.png]

For me its Splendid!
Watching this anime at first few minutes I found it mysterious and very funny! I was like this  Uhuhuh
and then I became like this  Ooppss then  Confused and lastly  Yes .... LOL! Guys what is yours?

[Image: DRIFTER.png]

Im really fan of this anime right now its really inspiring. I also amaze of their warriors way and thinking. 
One of my favorite anime in this season! :D

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