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[Image: funniest_anime_character.png]

Most Funny Anime Characters!
Anime characters that made us laugh and smile

I know there are many anime character that made people laugh and smile, I just put the anime character here that I’ve already watched that made me laugh and smile.
For me the best and funniest anime character is Sakuragi of SlamDunk, most of the time I laugh because of the embarrassing things he made, and also his reactions towards Haruko (his one great true love) is very funny, he gets easily get pump up and boost up whenever Haruko is cheering for him, He also do funny things just to make Haruko dislike Rukawa (his ultimate rivalry in Haruko’s attention) that made this anime super fun and worth watching.
As for the anime character that always made me smile, its Tsumugi of Sweetness and Lightning, she is very cute and adorable, her character is very realistic and a wise young girl. She loves her father and mother also she loves to eat delicious food. If you are looking for overkill cuteness and stress reliever you might want to watch this anime.

If you know more anime that is worth adding in my list please share it. Thank you!  Good


Best Sports Anime BasketBall Team!
Many of the otaku and anime fans doesn’t like sports anime, because it’s not that realistic,
very slow, and full of flashbacks but this two anime is definitely one of the best “Slam-Dunk”
and “Kuroko no baske” a basketball sports anime genre that made many people inspired and
touched by its sportsmanship and dedications to win. In fact we can learn many things in
watching these great anime basketball teams even though basketball is not our sports.

I’m pretty sure that most of us laughed in Sakuragi’s childish actions and embarrassing moments
but even so many of us get inspired by him. This is definitely one of the best sports anime I have
ever watched. I hope that the second season will be aired soon. And yes, my favorite team will
be TEAM SAKURAGI, he and his team is very hard working and dedicated and also a very fun to watch.

The team Kuroko is quite good too their team is very competitive and skillful but for me something is
missing that I can’t choose them as my favorite team. However it’s still worth watching, if you like
playing basketball you might also learn few moves of Kuroko his exceptional moves the phantom,
a moves that enemy can’t notice you and by the time everyone ignored Kuroko it’s his time to show
his outstanding assist, steal and passing skills.

If you know any sports anime that’s worth watching and has great story too, share it to us.

[Image: best_anime_swords_man.png]

Who is your favorite anime Swords man?

As for me, the pictures above are my most favorite of all, they all both have unique skills and character that will make you really like them.

My first one is Kirito of SAO.
He doesnt give up easily and the story of the anime is quite cool because they were in the MMORPG virtual world but the game creator made it a death game, unable to logout and if you die in the game you will also die in the real world. Therefore Kirito here fight and train hard and learned unique skills and get rare items. This anime is also one of the best RPG anime genre. The first RPG anime that really became famous and popular.

My Second Choise is Zorro from One Piece.
I think everyone likes zorro's manly attiude and his chivalry, aside from his weakness in directions he is strong and very cool!

My third choice is Nicolas from Gangsta.
He cannot speak normally thats why he uses sign language in a cool way most of the time. His fighting style really gives me a goosebump he is very strong but still it saddened me when I discover that he is relying in a specific drugs that make them stronger and at the same time it cures them. Still his attitude here really suits him as a Gangsta! Cool!

And Lastly, Guts of Berserk.
I dont like the people in this anime they always judge Guts and try to kill Guts. But Guts didnt mind them instead he keeps on fighting demons and fight for what he believes. Also his sword here is the real deal a big broad sword, its really amazing weilding that kind of sword you must be really strong and powerful to be able to cut and slice the enemies.

Who's Yours? Im pretty sure there are more cool anime swords man.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_10_58_34.png]

Re:Zero Episode 21 - Finally! Wilhelm van Astrea

If you notice in my tittle is more about "Wilhelm van Astrea" well for me
this is his victorious and happiest moments.

This episode is very satisfying and touching because they defeated the White Whale.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_10_59_06.png]
The fight was so intense because they almost lose hope and give up but when the 2 White whale attack
their healing area where injured soldiers are being treated by felix.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_00_11.png]
Lady Crusch Karsten step in and protected everyone with her very powerful sword skill, (This is one of my favorite part)
Lady Crusch Karsten fell from the impact. I smiled but not because its funny, but I am really amaze, she stand up like a boss!
and this is also funny yet inspiring, after Standing Lady Crusch Karsten shout out loud to everyone about how weak, lame,
fragile and powerless subaru was yet Subaru is the one shouting louder than anyone else that "We can still do this".
[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_01_31.png]
Again as I watch this part I feel like my self esteem and confident boosted like I also want to fight and beat that white whale pokemon!

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_01_01.png]
From that shout of Lady Crusch Karsten the soldiers stand up and pick up their weapons and shouted like a true warrior ready
to die for what they're fighting for.

[Image: videotogif_1472348717338.gif]
Speaking of "dying for" here is my most favorite and touching part when Wilhelm van Astrea initiate the finishing move he remembers
Thearesia van Astrea his deceased wife who died from that terror white whale, He remember that Thearesia van Astrea wants to hear
him saying "I love you" but he avoided it back then maybe because for him action speaks louder than words or his just a shy type of person. Then finally he have the chance and opportunity to say those words. Wilhelm van Astrea while crying shouted "I LOVE YOU!"
this is very touching, those cries are manly and a proud loving husband and a true warrior that finally avenge his wife his great love.

[Image: videotogif_1471877401264.gif]


This episode is really exciting because in this episode
Subaru and his new allies is about to engage to the
White Whale one of the Most scariest and merciless
ma-beast. The team subaru-rem bravely initiate the first attack that boost the morale of everyone which is also shown in the ending of episode 19, that really gave me an impact, I cant believed that subaru is now really doing the right choice manly and fearless.

In this fight, it was really amazing especially when they're about to defeat the white whale but the episode ended so fast and in a unexpected and unfortunate way. They realized that the White whale is not alone and it really brings terror and unbelievable impact to everyone who suffer and injured in the fight.

Of course I feel the same, I cant believed it ended that way. I hope in the next episode subaru will come up with a new plan and old geezer asthrea could have his revenge. Hopefully.

[Image: rezero_night_banisher.png]

My Reaction after seeing the Night Banisher! Wow that weapon is a whole new level,
Its very awesome. I wonder if its just me who notice it? LOL whatever. Victory

[Image: yourlie_in_april_reaction.png]

What is your Reaction When you Saw the Little Kaori's photo?

#5 I was just like that, but deep inside it hurts and my heart is crying from sadness. :D
Why? I think you need to watch this anime first. LOL its very lovely anime full of music and melody
that will make you happy and relaxed.

[Image: anime_duo_battle.png]

Who Is Best and Powerful Anime Duo!
Who is the Most powerful tag team?

For me I will go for Saitama and Shigeo,
because they both have a good super powers
and I think its not enough to beat the others but
still I believed that they are the strongest duo in them.

Who is your Best Duo in this Battle?  Confused

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Lets make this forum lively and better!. :)

[Image: best_flame_user.png]

Who is the Best Anime Flame User?
I come up with this topic because I was watching flame of recca ending,
just reminiscing, and then I wonder how cool it is to have flame power
then I realize there are many flame user anime who is very cool but the
question is who is the best of them? I wonder who. :D

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