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CanadafinU, BernardR, OttonGG

[Image: reaction.png]

What is your reaction when rem was crawling to subaru using her injured and dislocated arms?
this is really hurtful part I felt so sad and sorry for Rem, she even help Subaru to loosen his chain.
Then said to Subaru to live and she loves Subaro.  

Well, my choice by the way is #8 because that time I was in the bus and Im trying my best to 
hold my teary eyes. LOL

You might also want to kill the one responsible for this, join us in ganging-up 
in killing Petelgeuse in my previous topic here: Petelgeuse - Which Weapon Game 

[Image: Petelgeuse_Kill_Him.png]

Just Choose 1 Weapon To Kill Petelgeuse.

I really hate this bastard for killing Rem!  Mad

[Image: rezero_episode_19.png]

What Can you Say in Re:Zero Episode 19?

For me this is super cool!!! I can believed Subaro, finally he made the right decisions!  Yes
and I admit this episode made me goosebumps and I like watching it over and over again LOL!  Victory

Who is the Cutest of them?
Hina-chan or Tsumugi-chan?

[Image: hina_takanashi_tsumugi_inuzuka.png]

Hina Takanashi.
She is the youngest of the three sisters. 
In the anime Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father!.

Tsumugi Inuzuka.
She is the only daughter of Kouhei Inuzuka.
In the anime Sweetness & Lightning.

But still its better if you have watch both of the anime for you to say who is the cutest
 because their character and unique childishness will really make you smile and laugh.

I have come up of this topic because after watching tsumugi-chan in anime sweetness &
lightning, which is on going anime now, I remember hina-chan which has similarities in cuteness
with tsumugi-chan. Watching these cute young girls will really make you smile and relief your stress.
So who is your choice?   Confused

(Without Title)

[spoiler] your post here

(With Title)

[spoiler= SPOILER ALERT ANIMEFUSED YEAH YEAH] your post here
[img][/img] [/spoiler]

This is important specially if we dont want to spoil
it to our readers and members.

Victory  I hope this is useful to
everyone specially to ones who post reviews!

My Mega Charizard X Drawing - Pokemon Go!

[Image: image.jpg]

Since I've started playing Pokemon GO, Im inspired to draw a 
pokemon and ever since I've known of Mega Charizard i've really wanted to have it.
This is my number 1 wishlist pokemon to have in the future.  Victory

Sorry for the poor coloring, im still practicing my coloring skills.  Cool

My Re:Zero Rem Final Drawing

[Image: image.jpg]

See! I ruin it, im not really good in coloring. 
I need to practice more. this is not what im expecting.  Depressed2

See also my Part 1, & Part 2.

My Re:Zero Rem Part2 Drawing

[Image: image.jpg]

Im not getting it, maybe its because my color is limited? 
its not what im expecting.  Stress

See also my part 1 of Rem Drawing

[Image: image.jpg]

Im not really good in drawing, 
Specially in coloring also my colors
Are limited so i cant copy all the 
Tutorial in the youtube but hopefully
I can finish this as what ive expected. Lol  Sweat

[Image: manga0001-0.jpg]

Anyone here have read All you need is kill manga? 

If you like action, adventure, fantasy, mecha, and supernatural type of manga
 you should go read it now because its really worth it. Specially when they adapted it
to a movie! watch the Edge of Tomorrow because its the adaptation of 
the manga All you need is kill. Seriously! its super cool although the movie effects is
not that cool still the story and the action is very cool!

[Image: edge-of-tomorrow.jpg?w=446&h=299&crop=1]

ohh by the way its story is about the earth being attack by aliens and the people develop
military machine suit to fight with them and luckily the protagonist got the enemy's
secret supernatural power of why they keep on winning every fight. And for that reason this
manga/movie is very interesting!

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