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by DarkDangem at 08-31-2017, 04:05 AM
[Image: Horikita_Suzune_Drawing_Sketch.png]

Good day everyone, I made another sketch of Suzune Horikita last night. Please rate my drawing. :)
I will keep on practicing and study on how to color it on photoshop.
for now I'll do some rough and sketch drawings. :)
by Phazon at 08-30-2017, 01:47 PM
hey, the names Phazon,

Thought I might join the forum and contribute discussion-wise.

As for what anime shows I like?

I tend to avoid shonen shows cause it usually causes shitstorms among other members

Shows I avoid are Naruto/Shippuden/Boruto/Boruto Shippuden, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super/AF/XV/W, My Hero Academia, ect..

If I ever watch Shonen, I'll go with ones like Jojo, Hunter x Hunter & Ushio to Tora.
by DarkDangem at 08-30-2017, 08:13 AM
[Image: tsumugi_inuzuka_drawing.png]

Good day everyone just want to share my rough sketch of Tsumugi Inuzuka! ^_^
one of my favorite anime character from anime "Sweetness & Lightning". Thanks
by EmperorLaxus at 08-27-2017, 03:10 PM
[Image: Kakegurui_Episode_8_meme.png]

That moment when no one cares. LOL
I really did laugh out of this part Kakegurui Episode 8.
by DarkDangem at 08-27-2017, 12:32 PM
[Image: newlogo.png]

Thank you everyone for the support! I hope that everyone will stay and keep on supporting us!
by DarkDangem at 08-26-2017, 08:10 AM
[Image: ayanokouji_vs_usui_animefused.png]

Good day everyone, Hi  While watching Ayanokouji I was amazed of how he sees things and how he plot everything for everyone to go smoothly according to his plans, I remember Usui of maid-sama who has a mysterious and very pleasing personality, and thought that they have similarities so this is why I'm making this post to see if they really have similarities and who will be the coolest to them.  Confused
by DarkDangem at 08-25-2017, 05:19 AM
[Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-a.png]

What I like in this episode is when they're kissing. I think I kinda know that feeling of doing something that shouldn't done, but it pleases you, even though someone might catch you etc.

But what surprises me is when his best/trusted friend turns out to have feelings for him? And suddenly kissed him.  I find it very awkward and fuyukai desu. *peace* Shock

[Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3.png][Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-b.png][Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-c.png]
by DarkDangem at 08-24-2017, 03:50 AM
[Image: Hajimete_no_Gal_review.png]
Photo mod by Dangem

Hajimete no Gal is a 10 episode anime, created by Meguru Ueno. In this anime, the story is kinda common most of you have probably seen this kind of story: unpopular guy finds the opportunity to date a really adorable and popular lady. However, what makes this anime unique and fun are the characters. The main character Junichi Hashiba a simple guy who isn’t enjoying his youth. Also teased and bullied as virgin – (not even wrong).

His friends who’s bringing the majority of the humor here, saw that Junichi has a disappointing life and come up with a plan to help him. They decide and push Junichi to confess his feelings to Yukana Yame one of the most elegant and fashionable gals in the school. I was disappointed at Yukana at first because of her look and attitude, but as you watch more you will see Yukana's personality that will make you fall in love for her. And so Junichi’s unprepared and innocent life will get more exciting starting from here.

I agree that getting a better high school life is a goal by many students. I wonder if Junichi will have one. LOL! His goal may not be an easy one to achieve, but things that are worth doing are most of the time not easy.

To watch Hajimete no Gal online visit any of the following popular anime streaming sites below:

[Image: crunchyroll.png] [Image: animeseason.png] [Image: animeshow.png] [Image: kissanime.png]

Thank you! please hit "Thanks" or "Share" my post if find my post cool. Good
by DarkDangem at 08-23-2017, 07:40 AM
[Image: classroom_of_elite_anime_review.png]

The story of this anime revolves in the very prestigious leading senior high school, with state-of-the-art facilities. It’s almost like a paradise, any hairstyle is also permitted and 100% of the graduate students can easily proceed to university or find employment. They also have a monthly allowance enough to buy all luxuries you want. However, the truth is that only the higher rank of class can receive this favorable treatment, while the lowest rank will get the unfortunate treatments.

The main character here is very mysterious, he is more like Usui from Maid-same anime. He was assigned to Class-D the last rank where the school dumps its “inferior” students with the unfortunate treatments. The main character who only wants a peaceful life will now change after meeting his new friends with different secrets and personality.

I wonder what will the main character do, will he do something to end this bias system? or he will just use it for his own benefits. Hmmn..

[Image: classroom_of_elite_anime_review2.png]

To watch Classroom of the Elite online just pick any of the following anime streaming sites below:
[Image: crunchyroll.png] [Image: animeseason.png] [Image: animeshow.png] [Image: kissanime.png]
by DarkDangem at 08-23-2017, 05:59 AM
[Image: Koi_to_Uso_review.png]

This anime is quite romantic, but has a little twist. All young people in Japan when turned sixteen (16) they will get a notice of their assigned future wife/husband prepared and arranged by the government. People will no longer be trouble of looking for a partner in life. Because the government will find you a compatible partner to make them happy.

The main character here prefers to get married to the one he truly loves. He had kept these feelings for her one true love since grade school and now that the time is almost near before he turn 16 he went to confess so that he will not regret anything. But unfortunately he got the notice right after confessing to the one he truly loves. What will happen to him if he meets his assigned future wife?

[Image: Koi_to_Uso_review3.png]

To watch Koi to Uso (Love & Lies) online visit any of following anime streaming sites below.

[Image: animeseason.png] [Image: animeshow.png] [Image: kissanime.png]
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