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[Image: FBconnect.png]

Good day everyone! 

Just want to announce that its active now! Tested and its great! 
I hope new members will use this new feature!


Best Regards,

[Image: Sawako-kimi-ni-todoke-20974383-500-281.jpg]

I think its Sawako "Sadako" Kuronuma from Kimi ni Todoke, because even now I still find hard to socialize and make friends to others. ^_^

[Image: anime_gamers_episode_8.png]

I really find this episode very funny! I really love it! I wonder what will Chiaki do, Now that
she knows that Keita is her best friend  online and also heard that Keita really treasure mono-san...
Keita's life is just getting harder and harder.

By the way about the image lol. its just I really find her cute and beautiful she's also a gamer like me???  Confused  Shy

[Image: nicolas_gangsta_anime_chibi.png]

Good day everyone this is Nicolas from anime "Gangsta" of my favorite mature anime.  Confused

[Image: saitama_one_punch_man_anime_chibi.png]

Good day everyone! Just want to share my saita chibi drawing. :) 
This is from popular anime "one punch man" which is one of my favorite anime!  Victory

Found this (gem?) on Youtube. Is it just me or is there anyone else who would watch this? Also which cartoon would be awesome as anime?

[Image: Horikita_Suzune_Drawing_Sketch.png]

Good day everyone, I made another sketch of Suzune Horikita last night. Please rate my drawing. :)
I will keep on practicing and study on how to color it on photoshop.
for now I'll do some rough and sketch drawings. :)


hey, the names Phazon,

Thought I might join the forum and contribute discussion-wise.

As for what anime shows I like?

I tend to avoid shonen shows cause it usually causes shitstorms among other members

Shows I avoid are Naruto/Shippuden/Boruto/Boruto Shippuden, One Piece, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super/AF/XV/W, My Hero Academia, ect..

If I ever watch Shonen, I'll go with ones like Jojo, Hunter x Hunter & Ushio to Tora.

[Image: tsumugi_inuzuka_drawing.png]

Good day everyone just want to share my rough sketch of Tsumugi Inuzuka! ^_^
one of my favorite anime character from anime "Sweetness & Lightning". Thanks

[Image: Kakegurui_Episode_8_meme.png]

That moment when no one cares. LOL
I really did laugh out of this part Kakegurui Episode 8.

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