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My Hero Academia - The Heart-Squeeze! - DarkDangem - 05-02-2017

[Image: My_Hero_Academia_-heart-squeeze.jpg]

That moment when you're asking for help
and no one is there for you, yet there is a friend
will voluntary help you and even make you
feel more motivated and happy! 

I am really touched by this scene because
I also experience those situations and also a
friend of mine came to help. and as you can
see Midoriya's reaction from Uraraka's kindness
is very funny but honest, I know how it feels
its just Midoriya has been very showy to his feelings.

[Image: s2poster-1488404408371_610w.jpg]
You can see this in 2nd season episode 4. This
anime is really inspiring too and addicting.

RE: My Hero Academia - The Heart-Squeeze! - Jessa - 05-04-2017

It's more cooler if you've added the scene where midoriya's struggling to find a team. That's all Keep it up!