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What Manga/Novel are you currently Reading?
(07-02-2018, 08:32 AM)clockworkerr0r Wrote: I just started Lilith's Cord. It's a action series with a lot of nsfw that's about a strange subset of humans who did not descend from Adam & Eve, like all the regular humans did. This subset of humans is extremely strong and gain incredible powers by sucking the life energy from regular humans. The MC accidentally gets involved with these groups of subhumans by running into a succubus, and the people who fight to stop monsters like that. He's able to keep up with them, and discovers that he's really not an ordinary human.
I've never really read another nsfw series like this. It has a great plot outside of the nsfw scenes, and I'd honestly probably still read it even if they weren't there.

I've also read that manga, its really cool the graphics and the plot. I also knew some nsfw with good stories just tell me bro.
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