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Anime With Coolest Ultimate Punch?

[Image: saitama_all_might_anime.png]

Anime With Coolest Ultimate Punch

[Image: waaa.jpg]
From Anime: My Hero Academia
Anime Character: Toshinori Yagi known as “All Might”.
The skill “Plus Ultra” that he uses to defeat Nomu is one of the
Coolest punch I’ve ever seen. that punch of an extremely powerful Hero
The “Symbol of Peace” with the extra ordinary and immense power is superb!

[Image: waa.jpg]
From Anime: One-Punch Man
Anime Character: Saitama known as "Caped Baldy".
According to him this is his final skill the “Serious Punch!
Saitama throws his extremely powerful punch to Boros Collapsing
Star Roaring Cannon, a beam capable of wiping out an entire earth.
According to the viewers the full extent of this punch is unknown
Because it never hit Boros directly. The shockwave alone was powerful
Enough to beat Boros and his beam.

So far this are the anime that really moved me by their powers.
Thank you! I’ll post more soon.  Pretty
[Image: dangem_signature.png]
I think "Plus Ultra" is way more cooler! All Might gave his all in that punch, all his emotions and interesting feelings from "All for One" power.
Saitama's serious punch is also cool but to me he is not yet giving all of his best in that punch kinda effortless to me still everyone feel the destructive power of it. haha!
[Image: laxus_signature_by_vikingterminate-d5qmna4.png]
ALL MIGHT!!! His one for all power is the best!!! :D
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