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Watch or read?
Do you prefer to watch anime or do you prefer to read anime?  If they take your favorite anime and they make it into a tv show later, do you like the literature better or the tv show better?  Why?
..Both? Sometimes I like just watching anime, but if the anime is gets my interest and can't wait for the next episode I look for its manga or novel. haha.
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I normally like doing both as well, however, I prefer to read first and then watch the show afterwards. I like forming my own interpretations of the literature before I watch the show.
As for me, I watch first because in novel and manga it reveals/shows everything the uncut and full story. But If I read first before watching it only disappoint me because I know that there should be a part like this and that but they didn't show it on anime. Feelings like it should be like this and not that. LOL   Stress
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