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My Top 5 RPG genre Anime!

My Top 5 RPG genre Anime!

Im really a fan of RPG games thats why Im so over to RPG anime,
and here is my top 5 RPG anime that really caught my heart and excitement.

[Image: top5rpg.png]

My Top 5 RPG genre Anime!
1. Sword Art Online (SAO) - Sword Art Online became a sudden death game, unable to logout and if they die in Aincrad, they also die in real life. Kirito must keep fighting, fight for their survival, and hopefully break free from this virtual reality hell.

2. Log Horizon - Just like SAO unable to log out. Among them is the college student Shiroe, an expert in his class Enchanter one of the three Mage classes. Shiroe a veteran of the game, he immediately sets out to explore the limits of his new reality world.

3. Overlord - Momonga, decided to spend his last few moments in the game that has ended and the servers begin to shut down. Unexpectedly Momonga is unable to logout and is still fully conscious as his character and, moreover, the non-player characters (NPC) appear to have developed personalities and intelegence like human of their own!

4. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash -  A group of people was force and with erased memories is given no other choice than to accept the only paying job in this game-like world is to kill monsters and and eliminate anything that threatens the peace in their new world, Grimgar.

5. Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - This is about the story of a boy striving to become the best adventurer a powerless goddess searching for followers to regain her powers both working together to fulfill their goals. By entering dungeons and killing monsters they get level up and skills activated by their followed Goddess.

I hope you'll also share your anime top list here.  Cool
Thank you for reading! Hope you like my top 5 Rpg anime!
[Image: dangem_signature.png]
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash is one of the best RPG anime I have seen,
I like the attitude of everyone in every situation its very realistic.
Though its quite sad but still satisfying and exciting! I will watch now the Overlord sir, Thanks!
[Image: jessa_signature.png]
I think its difficult choose only one genre.I like supernaturalactionromancecomedy.
And i like it when the guy i mean protagonist is a badass.

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