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Made in Abyss Episode 11 - Discussion
[Image: Nanachi_cute.png]

Good day sa lahat sa naka panood na ang cute ni Nanachi dito noh!!!!!

nung tini tease nya si Reg.. Ahaha LOL!!   Victory

Kaya lang ang daming weird dito na something gross.. nakaka panindig balahibo.

Ano masasabi nyo guys?
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
Her voice here is very funny! Teasing Reg LOL!
[Image: laxus_signature_by_vikingterminate-d5qmna4.png]
Tama ka admin bully at cute nga ng boses ni nanachi. Poor reg! ahaha
I wonder what is nanachi's real intention. and I really thought that she's cave raider type of monster with high intelligence. it turns out that she is a human before. LOL
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