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Re:Zero Team Rem - Best Title Game!

[Image: dont_you_touch_him.png]

Re:Zero (Rem & Subaru) - Best Title Game!
What do you think is the best title for this scene?

[spoiler= Spoiler Alert Only View If you Have Watched this episode]This is one of my favorite part where Rem tries to save subaru from petelgeuse.
Rem was really strong but unfortunately she lose in their fight still this scene is very
amazing that makes my heart race and cry. Well, What do you think is the best title?[/spoiler]

I think i would go for "Don't touch my Subaru!"
Because to me Rem here is so inlove with subaro
that she gets really mad and want to save subaro. :D

What's Yours?  Confused

[Image: dangem_signature.png]
"Don't Touch Him, His Mine!" ahaha I think mine is better.
"Please Run! Rem!" cause I know something bad will happen after this. :(

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