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The Legendary Moonlight Sculpture [Reviews & Discussion]

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This manga is very interesting that you'll get addicted especially if you're fan of RPG games.
The story is about Lee Hyun who needs the money for his hospitalize grandmother and his younger sister education.  He decided to play VRMMO games to make money, and his adventure begin from there as Weed. After learning an Ultimate Quest and learn the unique class "Legendary Moonlight Sculpture" and the story turn into a very fun and adventurous for Weed.
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I like this manga, Weed is very simple, his very observant and funny, always waiting for the right time and also the action in this manga is very fun sometimes its hilarios, Weed also don't like public attention but sometimes he just can't help it.

The story is very fun if you love RPG you'll definetly have fun and learn more from him. This is one of the Best Rpg manga now. ^_^
You should read this on novel, I'm now on Chapter 42.. I really want to share weed's achievements but I don't want to spoil. :D
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I'm also reading it now, I like the RPG elements cause i'm a gamer on an old mmorpg. :)

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The Legendary Moonlight Sculpture [Reviews & Discussion]00