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[Image: d2nyqdo-57a16333-7725-427c-bfeb-9e925d211c8c.png]


By: LeoLeonardo

Hopefully, everyone will like it! Smile Happy 

Best Regards,


I'm just curious if its okay? Thanks

Im a reader here for a month and decided to become a member even though the site is not that active.

Hi, I am new here and am in need of suggestions. Not about what Anime/Manga should I read but where could I find Anime/Manga digital arts that could be reused. I am trying to setup something and am in need of such artworks that won't put myself and the outcome in jeopardy.

Specifically, more like posters or single character images.

Hoping you could bring in a suggestion.


Sup guys, my name is Grungie. I'm a weab.

So I remembered I read this a long time ago but I don't know what the title is. What I DO remember is that there was this boy who was pretty OP and there was this blind(and deaf?) girl he'd walk home everyday or on a certain day of the week. She also regained her vision and started fighting with him after.

[Image: rund-with-the-wind.png]

Jogging Set Image by: Pogi.

I think this anime is just like Slam Dunk, Haikyu and other popular sports anime.
It gives us inspiration and motivation! I love how this anime moves and inspired me.
Please do watch "Run with the Wind" anime It might trigger you and take actions
to our long dreamed healthy lifestyle! Smile

[Image: attachment.php?aid=55]

Bones Inc. is one of the famous Japanese anime studio that was founded by Sunrise staff members Masahiko Minami, Toshihiro Kawamoto, Makoto Watanabe and Takahiro Komori and late Hiroshi Ōsaka in October 1998. One of their first projects was collaborating with Sunrise on Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door, a feature film based on the Cowboy Bebop anime series. Its headquarters is located in Igusa, Suginami, Tokyo.

For the record Bones Inc.  has already produced numerous great anime series, including Noragami, Wolf's Rain, Scrapped Princess, Eureka Seven, Angelic Layer, Darker than Black, Soul Eater, Ouran High School Host Club and two adaptions of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga along with Star Driver, Gosick, Space Dandy, Dragon Pilot and My Hero Academia.

Bones Inc. will mark its 20th anniversary on October 28, and it revealed the details of its celebratory exhibition on Wednesday. The first part of the exhibition will be held at Tokyo Anime Center in DNP Plaza from October 26 to November 12, and the second part will be held from November 14-25.

Showcase on exhibit will include opening screen images on huge screens, posters, design materials, original drawings, scene photographs, and scene cuts, as well as illustrations specially drawn for the exhibit.

Exclusive merchandise will be available for purchase. Creators that have contributed to the studio's works will have talk shows and signing events at the exhibition. Bones representative will also participate in awesome live drawing.

Bones Inc. wiki, AnimeNewsNetwork, Tokyo Anime Center in DNP Plaza - EN, & Comic Natalie - EN


[Image: group-images.png]

Good news everyone!!!  

We are happy to announce that we have a new set of group images. just for you!  Confoundedmiley56:

Thank you,
AnimeFused Mgt


[Image: Tensei-shitara-Slime-Datta-Ken-episode-4-naughty.png]

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 4

At first I was very excited because they're having trip to the Dwarven kingdom, I also find it amusing of how fast Ranga ran, and how loyal and grateful he is to Rimuru, even though his father was killed by Rimuru.

I also find it funny when some stupid adventurers trying to mess with Rimuru. To deal with them Rimuru tried to mimic Ranga, but his evolution was far more intimidating than Ranga, and with just a howl the stupid-baga arrogant adventurers got thrown to a far place. LOL but due to the power many civilians got affected and fainted. LOL

Then here we go at the Butterflies at Night, It was very funny to me because somehow I kinda relate to him, being reincarnated to other world is adventurous and fun but its more fun if you can visit this so called Butterflies at Night club. As Rimuro enjoy his night there I was enjoying as well. Daydreaming LOL. "Elves! Elves! Eros!! i Mean Elves!!!" Rimuro is really cute and funny!

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