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[Image: videotogif_1471877401264.gif]


This episode is really exciting because in this episode
Subaru and his new allies is about to engage to the
White Whale one of the Most scariest and merciless
ma-beast. The team subaru-rem bravely initiate the first attack that boost the morale of everyone which is also shown in the ending of episode 19, that really gave me an impact, I cant believed that subaru is now really doing the right choice manly and fearless.

In this fight, it was really amazing especially when they're about to defeat the white whale but the episode ended so fast and in a unexpected and unfortunate way. They realized that the White whale is not alone and it really brings terror and unbelievable impact to everyone who suffer and injured in the fight.

Of course I feel the same, I cant believed it ended that way. I hope in the next episode subaru will come up with a new plan and old geezer asthrea could have his revenge. Hopefully.

[Image: rezero_night_banisher.png]

My Reaction after seeing the Night Banisher! Wow that weapon is a whole new level,
Its very awesome. I wonder if its just me who notice it? LOL whatever. :victory:

[Image: yourlie_in_april_reaction.png]

What is your Reaction When you Saw the Little Kaori's photo?

#5 I was just like that, but deep inside it hurts and my heart is crying from sadness. :D
Why? I think you need to watch this anime first. LOL its very lovely anime full of music and melody
that will make you happy and relaxed.

[Image: anime_duo_battle.png]

Who Is Best and Powerful Anime Duo!
Who is the Most powerful tag team?

For me I will go for Saitama and Shigeo,
because they both have a good super powers
and I think its not enough to beat the others but
still I believed that they are the strongest duo in them.

Who is your Best Duo in this Battle?  :confused:

Good Day AnimeFused!

We are looking for volunteered individuals to make a team of talented contributors to build and create amazing experiences for the members of AnimeFused.
We are seeking passionate, creative, motivated individuals to join our team.

1. Arts Corner
2. Anime Corner
3. Manga Corner

Position Available and Roles:

Global Moderators
Role of Global Moderators in the Community
It has three roles in the community specifically -
- A Rule Enforcer
- A Community Leader
- Friendly and Helpful 

1. A registered member with a minimum posts of 20.
2. Interests/Enjoyment in the category you plans to handle.
3. Friendly.

Interested volunteers can post a reply here.

Lets make this forum lively and better!. :)

[Image: best_flame_user.png]

Who is the Best Anime Flame User?
I come up with this topic because I was watching flame of recca ending,
just reminiscing, and then I wonder how cool it is to have flame power
then I realize there are many flame user anime who is very cool but the
question is who is the best of them? I wonder who. :D

[Image: dont_you_touch_him.png]

Re:Zero (Rem & Subaru) - Best Title Game!
What do you think is the best title for this scene?

I think i would go for "Don't touch my Subaru!"
Because to me Rem here is so inlove with subaro
that she gets really mad and want to save subaro. :D

What's Yours?  :confused:

[Image: reaction.png]

What is your reaction when rem was crawling to subaru using her injured and dislocated arms?
this is really hurtful part I felt so sad and sorry for Rem, she even help Subaru to loosen his chain.
Then said to Subaru to live and she loves Subaro.  

Well, my choice by the way is #8 because that time I was in the bus and Im trying my best to 
hold my teary eyes. LOL

You might also want to kill the one responsible for this, join us in ganging-up 
in killing Petelgeuse in my previous topic here: Petelgeuse - Which Weapon Game 

[Image: Petelgeuse_Kill_Him.png]

Just Choose 1 Weapon To Kill Petelgeuse.

I really hate this bastard for killing Rem!  :mad:

[Image: rezero_episode_19.png]

What Can you Say in Re:Zero Episode 19?

For me this is super cool!!! I can believed Subaro, finally he made the right decisions!  :yes:
and I admit this episode made me goosebumps and I like watching it over and over again LOL!  :victory:

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