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Kanata, wichonsuggispwes, DarkDangem

[Image: image.png]

This is my second drawing post in hope you like it!

[Image: image.jpg]

Hello im to this site i like drawing!

[Image: image.png]

I hope you like this i put so much effort on shading lol. :D

I like this new feature!

[Image: image.png]

anyway please drop some few advice and opinions
thanks !

That Girl robot is Hoshino Yumemi a "Companion Robot",
in this scene she is constantly talking and waiting in the entrance
for customers like a receptionist as what she is programmed to do,
But she didnt know that the company has abandoned her
a long long time ago due to the destruction of the city,
and Hoshino Yumemi was just rebooted and manage to wake
up after a long long time, now no one lives in that city
but still she keep on waiting for customers to their company.

I feel really sad and pitiful for the robot  Hoshino Yumemi.
I hope in the next coming new episode she will realize the truth,
and become friends with the protagonist and make happy moments.

[Image: The_Reverie_of_a_Little_Planet.png]

Please help do you know any kyoukai no kanata?

[Image: kyoukai_no_kanata.png]

I like anime that involves yokai, and kyoukai no kanata have it 
but kyoukai no kanata rocks it with such beautiful story and 
unexpected twist, full of surprises. That's why I've really added 
this anime on my most favorite anime!

I would really appreciate it if you can recommend me more anime to watch
thank you so much friends!

[Image: Tsumugi_Inuzuka.png]

While watching, my smile is like this ^_______^
Tsumugi-chan is so cute! from anime Sweetness and Lightning
 I really like her childish  and very energetic character. 
I can't wait for the next episode. LOL  :D Rules

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I'm Smegaman, but call me Scott if you don't mind. I enjoy anime and games, and I'll probably post my thoughts and opinions on episodes of anime, games and manga I'm currently watching/playing/reading. If you wanna talk, just pm me, I'll respond to anyone who messages me. So uh, I don't really know what else to say...If you wanna know more about me, or give me recommendations on stuff to check out, ask me on the thread or pm me or whatever.

[Image: kyoukonokanata.png]

I found this on my archives, it has the watermarks of my previous site. :(
Well whatever, Just want to repost this cute and sweet moment of Mirai and Akihito.
This anime is one of my favorite anime of all. And this kind of embarrassing moment
also happen to me in real life that's why I will never forget this anime it reminds me of my high school life. :D

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