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I found it in my heart.  :victory:
Welcome new members hope you'll like it here.

I'm reading now the following:

  • -Noblesse
  • -Tales of Demon and God
  • -The Legendary of Moonlight Sculptor
  • -Re:Monster
  • -The Gamer

I'm pretty sure you've already heard of this manga and nove before, It's really awesome and worth reading.l.

For me as of now I'm watching:

Soujo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
boku no hero academia Season 2
Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Attack on Titans 2

I love to watch at night when everyone's already asleep. LOL

Url: (ex:
Error Message: (ex. ERROR 404 etc.)
Action before error: (what your doing before it occurs)
Screen shot: (if possible)

this is to make the problem solve easier. Thanks everyone! ^_^   :good:

I wonder if it will be helpful since not even one is active. ^_^

But I just want to open this topic incase someone will suggest it
I will implement it as soon as possible.

Ability to "thank" someones post.
Get a stats of "Thanks Received" below avatar..

At first I didn't like this anime but as soon as I've heard Kousei plays
I started to love this anime, especially Kaori starts to play her own style of violin,
I somehow feel the emotions and sometimes get goosebumps. 

In this scene I like it but hate it at the same time, because in this scene Kousei
did not finish the song because of his trauma which makes me irritated his 
over reactions makes this anime annoying  but still you will love this anime till the end.  :yes:
Thanks to Kaouri she made Kousei play again and follow his Dream.

Do you like this scene as well?

to HAters Do you still hate TAnya? She's so cute!!! ^__^

[Image: Tanya_Degurechaff_Funny_Videos.jpg]
This is my favorite funniest facial expression of Tanya!

This is to all Fans and supporters of Tanya! Hope you like it!
and to the Haters of Tanya I also hope that you might consider liking Tanya now! Smile

[Image: tanya_degurechaff_haters_2.png]

[Image: tanya_degurechaff_haters.png]

hi everyone! 

I made Tanya a covers, It's completely free and anyone can use them, I guess its good if you really like Tanya I guess, I'm planing to use it myself in the future. :good:

[Image: one_punch_man.png]

That feeling after having a good work out, feels like you 
can beat monsters and teach them a good lesson
like don't mess with people who constantly working out.

Do you feel the same too friends?

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