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 That was fast!!! Overlord Season 3 will be showing this coming July 2018.
This anime is really amazing full of excitement and amazing actions. I can't wait for this season
because Momon aka Ainz has already achieved one of his goals to be known as the strongest hero
in the City. I wonder if the hearsays are true about the whole Nazarick will fight a war with different kingdoms.
Also, the introduction of Season 2, the one giant dragon and the witch seems very strong. I wonder if they fight
in this season!

Below are the Trailer/Announcement of Overlord Season 3. Smile

You might want to try reading this:

(04-24-2018, 02:46 AM)RhizMay Wrote: You can also read this in LN starting at volume 7:

Have fun reading friends!


[Image: attachment.php?aid=22]

The Japanese government is considering measures to block all websites that offer free access to pirated publications such as manga. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga revealed at a March 19 official news conference.

Somehow, I actually understand this because the authors are getting less profit and less inspired with these reasons it might trigger or lead authors to reduces the quality of their work, Or worst some will not pursue their dreams as an author because it will not get them enough compensation for their hard work. 

I also notice that these pirate/illegal sites has overkill ads that sometimes affects the loading speed of manga and anime. I think its better to have a law/policy that they must share a little of their profit to the original authors. 

However, to those manga translators I think they shouldn't be included because they also do their best to translate those manga for us. Still, I think if their profit is more than enough they should also consider sharing some to the original author. Also credits and recommendation to the original author will also help like "Support the author and buy their original work." and "Post your feedbacks here(Authors page) to help and support the original author." 

Do you agree as well?  Confused

You Might Also Want to Read: 



[Image: attachment.php?aid=21]

I really like the real version of Llenn, Karen. She's tall but pretty. While Llenn her character in gun gale online is so cute. I wonder which one of them is the best as waifu. LOL Smile

Anyway, this anime is really great if you haven't watched the SAO series you can still watch this anime because it's a different story, still the system of the games is still the same. 

The fun and exciting PVP is still there and the monster fighting always fascinates me. I wonder if she will also encounter swordsman people like Kirito from the main character of SAO who tried using a sword at Gun Gale Online. Since she is fast and agile I think she will be a good swordsman or assassin that uses a knife.

Watch Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online here.


[Image: noblesse.png]
That feeling when your getting goosebump because of awe.
I think I want to become vampire as well. LOL Happy
You think this chapter is good?

You can read Noblesse chapter 499 here.

1. Doulou Dalu I (Combat Continent)
Douluo Dalu II - Jueshui Tangmen
Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King
Soul Land - Legend of The Gods' Realm

Of course, the Doulou Dalu series is one of the best! The main characters have to spend their lives dedicated to getting stronger. Being bullied, looked-down, useless, and ignored. with all hardships and trials completed it makes them even stronger. This manhua is one of the best, each of characters has a different personality and interesting story.  Worth reading.

2. Manga/Manhua Like Shen Yin Wang Zuo
(Sealed Divine Throne)

3. Tales of Demon and Gods
This is one of my favorite manga, The main character here was one of the few humans that survived from the evil sage emperor. The main character use all his power to defeat the sage alone but still didn't made it the main character was killed in the battle with the Evil Sage Emperor. But, the main character was Reborn at his 13-year-old self. This time MC want to change everything, to save his loved ones and his adored Glory City. He will get his revenge and punish the people who betrayed and sabotage them and most of all to kill the evil sage emperor.

4. Manga/Manhua Like Panlong
(Crouching Dragon)

5. Manga/Manhua Like The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

6. Manga/Manhua Like Kuang Shen

7. Manga/Manhua Like Desolate Era

8 Manga/Manhua Like Zhan long

9. Zui Wu Dao
(The First One)

10. The Mythical Realm

[Image: Mahoutsukai_no_Yome_Episode_20.png]

Good day mina!

I just want to share this because I think Chise reaction is not normal. LOL. 
Anyone would really freak out if you wake up having a dragon hand.

[Image: shogo_anime.png]

You can watch this episode at
Or read more about this anime at myanimelist.

Actually this is quite good episode to me.. 
Keika is taking it more seriously now and she's actually good.
I like her looks in her younger days. 
It's another loli in a mature character. LOL
About the responsibility thing well, its pretty interesting but
Yaichi will really get beaten to death by Sora. LOL

[Image: attachment.php?aid=24]

Watch Darling in the FranXX online.

Good day everyone!! 

Just want to share this scene again because I remember myself doing it on my girlfriend. LOL
I have 3 words for this episode its very sad, disappointed, and amazing.
Sad because his friends really care for him but his still willing to die for them and for his first reason for fighting.
Disappointed because his weak and let her darling suffer physically and emotionally.
Amazing because somehow they manage to. ***** I don't like to spoil everything. LOL. Ahaha  :victory:


Credits to the video uploader.

Dango Daikasoku is from anime CLANNAD full ending theme song. If you first watch this video
you might think that it's a cute song, new lullaby song, and children's song. But, if you watch the anime first. I'm pretty sure that this song will break your heart and make you teary.   Disappointrying2:

Even though I've already watched this over and over I still cry at the saddest part. I don't know why maybe if you try to watch it too, you'll know.

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