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Hey - Smokey - 07-21-2017

Hey everyone! I'm new here. Smile Not really a big anime fan but the forum looked really cool so I thought I'd sign up and say Hi. Happy  I might get into anime eventually if I could find one I like but that hasn't happened just yet. Smile

Anyway! a bit about me: I'm Smokey, i'm 27 from NYC. In a loving relationship with fellow forum owner/goer Shortie861, we've been together for nearly 3 years now and it's been quite amazing Happy I plan to go visit her just as soon as I can save up enough money Happy

Anyways! Hi! Happy I'll be lurking around ^_^

RE: Hey - LightYagami - 07-23-2017

wow you have a great love story sir. You should meet her soon! Congrats sir and welcome to animefused!

RE: Hey - EmperorLaxus - 07-23-2017

I wan't my future wife to like anime as well! Having same passion with wife is like winning a jackpot. cograts sir! Welcome here!!!

RE: Hey - BattleMaster - 07-25-2017

Hello Welcome to animefused!

RE: Hey - Smokey - 08-23-2017

Thanks all for the warm welcomes Happy