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Games based on animes? - Smokey - 07-21-2017

Have you played any games based on animes or with anime style graphics?

I've played a few games with anime style graphics and I tried to get into Catherine on PS3, which I think was based off an anime, but just couldn't get into that game. I did enjoy a few of the Disagea games though. Smile  I always wanted to get into the .Hack series back on PS2 as a kid but never did. I suppose if they release them as PS2 classics on PS4, i might try them out. Smile

Do you enjoy anime based games?

RE: Games based on animes? - LightYagami - 07-23-2017

I think I tried some on adroid but I forgot the names, probably because its not my type of game.

RE: Games based on animes? - RhizMay - 07-24-2017

I tried playing SAO online browser game. But I stopped playing it because everyone has the same face of character.
It should be unique and can use the original skills of the main characters of SAO not same face same skills boring.. Frown