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Legendary Moonlight Sculptor - Fans!

Is anyone here have read the manga/novel of Legendary Moonlight Sculptor? (LMS)?

First I discover it on manga and I begin love it, its very entertaining since im a gamer,
and as soon as I read more of chapters I realize that I'm getting to like it even more.
Since then I always read it whenever I have the little bit of spare time. I really like
Weed's adventure the protagonist of the story. He is really doing a grinding style of gaming.
Which is only few people can do. He's funny and greedy characteristic is very entertaining
 I really recommend this to everyone! 

Short Review of LMS:
Game: Royal Road
Type of Game: Virtual Reality RPG game.
Mode of playing: Capsule
Main Protagonist 
IGM: Weed
Real Name: Lee Hyun 
Class: Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Hidden class)
I also like this novel! I'm on Chapter 30 on novel now
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