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The Gov't plans to Block all Illegal Manga & Anime Sites

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The Japanese government is considering measures to block all websites that offer free access to pirated publications such as manga. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga revealed at a March 19 official news conference.

Somehow, I actually understand this because the authors are getting less profit and less inspired with these reasons it might trigger or lead authors to reduces the quality of their work, Or worst some will not pursue their dreams as an author because it will not get them enough compensation for their hard work. 

I also notice that these pirate/illegal sites has overkill ads that sometimes affects the loading speed of manga and anime. I think its better to have a law/policy that they must share a little of their profit to the original authors. 

However, to those manga translators I think they shouldn't be included because they also do their best to translate those manga for us. Still, I think if their profit is more than enough they should also consider sharing some to the original author. Also credits and recommendation to the original author will also help like "Support the author and buy their original work." and "Post your feedbacks here(Authors page) to help and support the original author." 

Do you agree as well?  Confused

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