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Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Renkin no Kishi - Episode 2 - Review

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Good Day Mina-san!

Just want to express my sadness about this cruel anime! I can't believed that author let those chibi cute little fairies to
be murdered and annihilate cruelly. This anime should be promising and one of my watch list but now I'm going to 
drop this anime. Its too cruel for me and its too much. I feel very sorry for the fairies to end up like that. Not even a proper
revenge and thanks to flash back it makes me hate this anime more.

What can you say about this anime mina?


This anime is very painful for me. Its the first time I got so emotional. damn it author!!!!

Those poor little fairies don't even have weapons or powers to hurt those evil soldiers. All those fairies did is beg at their feet not to destroy Jean's village. But then those fucking evil soldiers murdered them without showing any mercy. Its really painful to me. They're so cute and innocent they don't deserve that.

Despite that cruelty they even show a flashback that shows how kind and adorable those little fairies. F***!!!
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