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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken - Episode 4 - Naughty LOL

[Image: Tensei-shitara-Slime-Datta-Ken-episode-4-naughty.png]

Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 4

At first I was very excited because they're having trip to the Dwarven kingdom, I also find it amusing of how fast Ranga ran, and how loyal and grateful he is to Rimuru, even though his father was killed by Rimuru.

I also find it funny when some stupid adventurers trying to mess with Rimuru. To deal with them Rimuru tried to mimic Ranga, but his evolution was far more intimidating than Ranga, and with just a howl the stupid-baga arrogant adventurers got thrown to a far place. LOL but due to the power many civilians got affected and fainted. LOL

Then here we go at the Butterflies at Night, It was very funny to me because somehow I kinda relate to him, being reincarnated to other world is adventurous and fun but its more fun if you can visit this so called Butterflies at Night club. As Rimuro enjoy his night there I was enjoying as well. Daydreaming LOL. "Elves! Elves! Eros!! i Mean Elves!!!" Rimuro is really cute and funny!
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This is episode is very fun and satisfying! I like how the elves hug Rimuru!
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