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This site can't be reached - Problem Fixed
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Quote:This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.
  • Search Google for animefused

Hello everyone! 

Just want to share how to fix this very easy problem.


1. Press Ctrl+H
2. Click "Clear Browsing Data" at the left side.
3. Be sure that the "Cookies and Cache" are checked.
4. Change the time range to "24 Hours".
5. Click the "Clear Data" button.
6. Done you can now visit again
7. If its still not working, do the step 1-6 again after a few hours. :)
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I also encountered this the other day but later in the afternoon I can visit the site again. Thanks for this info admin!
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It would be very nice if you could add image admin.  Smiley31
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yeah things like this is much easier to follow if it has Images :)
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