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Rimuru - Thug Life (Loyal Servant)
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Good day to all!

Just want to share my new thugs life meme! :D

I hope you like it. This is the part where the king is trying to pursue the general/blacksmith but 
got rejected because he already made an oath to Rimuru and that he even if its majesty's order
he will never break his oath.  SO COOL and SUGUII!!!   Smiley73

[Image: 2p4oPy.png]
[Image: 2CPmCm.gif]
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I don't like the fact that the king has sources and connections amd yet he choose not to reveal the truth and let the general retired and get abused by his subordinate.
[Image: nadare.png]
I like how they design the characters. The aura of the king fits him very much! Cold, Intimidating, few words, and charismatic.
[Image: siggy.jpg]
Nice one Laxus! I never thought about that part Rimuru being a badass. LOL! The blacksmith definitely deserves someone who will not neglect him and appreciate his works and contribution.
"You don’t have any obligations to help out everyone."
—  Nyanko-sensei, Natsume Yuujinchou
I think there is a problem with the image hosting, can't view the image. :(
[Image: nadare.png]
Sorry about this guys I will re-upload it soon!
[Image: 2CPmCm.gif]
I think something is wrong with the image sir.
[Image: siggy.jpg]

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