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Any Anime Like Kyoukai No Kanata?

Please help do you know any kyoukai no kanata?

[Image: kyoukai_no_kanata.png]

I like anime that involves yokai, and kyoukai no kanata have it 
but kyoukai no kanata rocks it with such beautiful story and 
unexpected twist, full of surprises. That's why I've really added 
this anime on my most favorite anime!

I would really appreciate it if you can recommend me more anime to watch
thank you so much friends!
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[Image: A18061-1895089080.1464236703.jpg]
Image from Animate Times

Fukigen na Mononokean
Ashiya is very unlucky he spent his first seven days of high school in the infirmary
because of a youkai attaching itself to him. Haruitsuki the master of "Mononokean" a man who
exorcise youkai and send them to underworld. This is a story of ashiya and Haruitsuki in a
journey of helping, fighting and solving problems of youkai for them to peacefully or forcefully
send to underworld. Ashiya here is the one with kind heart who really gives a thoughtful things for
youkai's while Haruitsuki is slowly changing for good because here he is used to be a cold hearted exorcist
but I think its because of his unfortunate past. Overall this is quite good recommendation if you really like
youkai related anime.
Thanks bro, this is really helpful. I will add it now to my watchlist. Thanks!
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