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The Rising of Shield Hero Manga - Anime PV is out!
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This manga is very cool! I can't wait to see it on Anime!!! :)

Short Review:
Naofumi finds himself transported to another world with three other guys. They are meant to take up the path of the legendary heroes, and Naofumi is the Shield Hero, equipped with a magical shield that won't let him use any other weapon. That's not his only disadvantage, though – all of the young men seem to come from different iterations of reality, and in the other three, the world they find themselves in is an MMORPG...and in Naofumi's it doesn't exist. Framed and tormented by his fellow heroes, Naofumi finds himself on his own and in a very precarious position. These magical world stories aren't all they're cracked up to be...
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  • Jessa
I'm also a fan of shield hero, I hate the other heroes because they're very greedy and selfish.
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I heard from manga readers that this is pretty cool rpg manga. :) I'll wait for this!

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