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Knights and Magic - Promotional Video Trailer 1


Knights and Magic - Promotional Video Trailer 2

Good day mina!!

Just want to express how happy I am!!!! I can't believed that its on-going now in anime!
This is one of my favorite manga and always waiting for its new chapter, because manga updates
is very long. Disappointrying2:

However I am worried because after watching the first episode knights and magic anime it almost catch up
to the latest chapter of manga. I wonder how are they going to continue this anime if they already finish airing
the anime with the latest chapter of manga. Perhaps this manga has a novel.. I didn't look for it until now
because I'm still reading the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor novel. I can't wait now for the next episode!! :yes:
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
I like the inro song. Makes it feel nice and good. even thought it's not in English the song makes me want to dance
....did that person just thought of entering the video for what the heck, why not purposes?

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