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Knights and Magic - Promotional Video Trailer 1


Knights and Magic - Promotional Video Trailer 2

Good day mina!!

Just want to express how happy I am!!!! I can't believed that its on-going now in anime!
This is one of my favorite manga and always waiting for its new chapter, because manga updates
is very long. Disappointrying2:

However I am worried because after watching the first episode knights and magic anime it almost catch up
to the latest chapter of manga. I wonder how are they going to continue this anime if they already finish airing
the anime with the latest chapter of manga. Perhaps this manga has a novel.. I didn't look for it until now
because I'm still reading the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor novel. I can't wait now for the next episode!! :yes:
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I like the inro song. Makes it feel nice and good. even thought it's not in English the song makes me want to dance

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