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How long?

How long have you been watching/reading anime?  What was your first anime? 

Do you think you'll ever grow tired of anime?  Why or why not?
I started watching anime since I was 9 years old the anime that time is
Fushigi yugi, Flame of Recca, Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, Saint seiya and blue blink. LOL
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I got to get into it more since the passed two years. Ever since I got on the first anime forum then had to see videos of it.
It's been a while for me. Since the early 90's, at the very least. I got into Sailor Moon and I couldn't stop watching it.
I think during 90's as well. I loved watching Dragon Ball Z that time and Ghost fighter. haha!
To be honest, I might only like anime for the sexual aspect. Anyway, though, I cannot remember the first anime I ever looked at, but I'm sure it happened after the net came into being. Note, I'm 40 now, so I've only been online since probably a year after high school graduation.

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