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Knight's & Magic Anime [Reviews & Discussion]

[Image: knights_and_magic_anime.png]

Get ready for another exciting reincarnated anime! Tsubasa Kurata is the main character died while saving someone, who was a genius at programming and super fan of robots and mecha anime. Kurata was reincarnated as Ernest Echevalier, he was born with a noble blood but grows as a weary , silent, anti-social and hopeless child. There is magic in this new world, but more importantly, later on Ernest discover that there are giant robot-type machines in this new world. They’re called the Silhouette Knights and are considered guardians of the kingdom. Unsurprisingly, when he sees the Silhouette Knights for the first time, Ernest makes it his ultimate goal to ride in one of them as soon as possible, and so, his journey begins.

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Another lame anime where they skip a bunch of the cool scene, inspiring and exciting moments even the character development. The publisher or writer probably think that the audience isn't patient enough to wait for the action. It's really sad to think that an amazing anime would be more amazing and exciting if only they didn't skip those scenes. especially when Ady got kidnapped and when Ernest make an overkill performance in the magic test.

Well, it still looks promising. despite of the the skipped scenes I will still like this anime.
This is pretty damn good! although at first I can't stand it because the main character seems weak, didn't even attempt to get out of the way when the car is coming.
I had my doubts but this was so amazing. I'm looking forward to the next episode.
[Image: knights_and_magic.jpg]

as for me who haven't read the manga or LN who's only into watching the anime thus far, this anime seems great.
Although the manga and LN readers might right, That this anime might even more amazing without those cuts, i still don't feel lost in the least.
I liked and enjoyed it and I'm also looking forward for the next episode. Smile
I don't like the 3rd episode, the new model with the hand at the back its odd and weird.
It should be a gun or cannon, but still its pretty interesting to me. I want to see his overpower magic again.
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I've just read the manga version and I agree that they didn't made a good job. They skipped many things from manga that could make everyone more interested in this anime.
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Sorry but I kinda lost my interest after 3rd episode. I don't think the next few more episode will be interesting..
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