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Subtitles vs Dubbed

Does anyone prefer one over the other or do you like them both? Is there one you particularly don't like?  Myself, for anime, I think I would prefer dubbed, but for karate, I have to say that dubbed can look cheesy.
I prefer subbed, I like hearing the original voice actors. though one time I tried English dubbed but I didn't find it nice and its a little disappointing to me.
The voice didn't match/sync to the masculine, feminine, child and older characters are sounds the same to me in dubbed. Frown
[Image: lightyagami.jpg]
I prefer subbed, cause sometimes I can't easily understand English dialect. Smile
I prefer subbed than dubbed because dubbed is too fast for me sometime I can't understand it. it makes my nosebleed. LOL :stress:
Subbed to because sometimes the low voice in dubbed is hard to understand.

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