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Why Do You Like Anime?

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There are many different types of anime with several genres in one. That’s include Romance, Action, Adventure, Horror, Drama, Comedy, Mystery, Sports and Slice of Life more.. But still, it’s not the main point of why people are so fun of watching anime.

Here are some of my reasons why I love anime.
1. First of all the Story, most of the amazing stories will gives me a mind-blowing, goose bumps, and even inspired. 

2. Second is the Characters, some anime might have a boring character, but some will make you awe, speechless and respect. Some Anime Characters that will surely get your attention are Saitama of “One-Punch Man”, and Tanya of “Saga of Tanya the Evil”. 

3. Third is the Scenes, most of them have stunning and very pleasing landscapes that leaves you a satisfying feeling. Some very attracting scenes for me are from anime “You’re name” and “Princess Mononoke”.

4. Fourth is Wisdom and Meaningful Concept because most of Anime teaches the viewers a lesson and smart things to do.

5. Also Friendship, Most anime has this and it clarifies most of viewers how to value and appreciate friendship. Some anime that shows best example the value of friendship are “One Piece” and “HunterXHunter”.

6. Lastly, very Surprising and Exciting. The best parts about watching anime is how often it can surprise us. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for worse. In Anime nothing is impossible! Some anime that excite and surprise me the most are “The Irregular at Magic High School” and “One-Punch Man”.

Thank you for reading! Please hit "like" if you like my post.  :shy:
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Nice and interesting post here! Liked!
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I like anime because I find it cute and fun! It's very entertaining to me and makes me happy whenever I watched my favorite anime list.
@RhizMay I like your post cause its fun to read I'm glad to be with people who has a thing for anime like me.
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I'm very much agree on very Surprising and Exciting, LOL. I always watch it once a week because they only release it once a week.
I wish they'll do it daily on the future. It's making me impatient and irritate sometimes specially if the ending of current episode is something like cliffhanger. LOL
As for me I started to like anime when I was a kid, and since then I begin to love anime until now.
I like the bravery and fearless moments of FairyTail, then I started to realize how wonderful anime was.
One of my main draws to animation, besides the stuff I saw as a kid, is the comedy. That's why I liked shows like The Critic, Duck Man, Beavis and Butthead back in the 90s or The Simpsons.
I like isekai genre now! It's pretty cool I wish reincarnation is real!
I like anime because its interesting and fun!
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