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All You Need Is Kill - Edge of Tomorrow

[Image: manga0001-0.jpg]

Anyone here have read All you need is kill manga? 

If you like action, adventure, fantasy, mecha, and supernatural type of manga
 you should go read it now because its really worth it. Specially when they adapted it
to a movie! watch the Edge of Tomorrow because its the adaptation of 
the manga All you need is kill. Seriously! its super cool although the movie effects is
not that cool still the story and the action is very cool!

[Image: edge-of-tomorrow.jpg?w=446&h=299&crop=1]

ohh by the way its story is about the earth being attack by aliens and the people develop
military machine suit to fight with them and luckily the protagonist got the enemy's
secret supernatural power of why they keep on winning every fight. And for that reason this
manga/movie is very interesting!
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Warning! the manga Is a cliffhanger. LOL

I also don't like the movie adaptation its not clear and the ending is very simple but still not clear, who know's the enemy might have made some strategy again to counter his plans, i mean its not just him who has the power to turn back.

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