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Coffee or Tea Which one Do you Prefer?
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I think I'd go for coffee! Maybe because I can enjoy it and I need it at work. :)
I only drink tea when I feel sick and eaten many unhealthy foods. :D

I drink coffee nearly every day. However, tea is rarer. Nonetheless, I like unsweetened tea and the peach, lemon, and sweet tea you can buy at a US gas station. I don't like the sweet tea at most fast food places - cause it's too sweet.
Coffee is a far predominant drink and significantly more refined and considerably more tasteful. However, I am inclined toward Tea! :D
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I like both whatever there is I would happily drink it. :)
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Coffee all the way. Not that I don't like tea, I do. But coffee I love.
Coffee is love but I hate 3-in-1 coffee.. I heard that it uses too much chemical and sweetener.
"May all your bacon burn"

- Calcifer of Howl's Moving Castle
I'd like to drink coffee every morning then Tea in the afternoon. :)
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I only drink coffee when I want to focus on something like studying making projects etc.
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I always love to drink coffee but sometimes I pass especially if I always get heartburns.
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—  Nyanko-sensei, Natsume Yuujinchou
I prefer Coffee, I don't like the leafy organic taste of tea. It makes me(want to) puke.
"May all your bacon burn"

- Calcifer of Howl's Moving Castle

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