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Only I Level Up / Solo Leveling - Recommendation

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Solo Leveling
Other Title: Only I Level Up
Chapters: 72+ (On Going)
Attributes/Genre: Reincarnated, Level-up, Floating Windows, Skills, Jobs/Class, Guild, Monsters, Boss-Monster.
Short Review: 
A Sudden catastrophe happened the a portal or known as "Gates" opened that connect to the monster world. At the same time Hunters appeared, people with super strength that can fight those monsters. But not all Hunters are strong enough, some are just barely enough to fight low level monsters and earn a living just like the MC named Sung Jin-Woo an E-Rank hunter. He is also know and called as "The World's Weakest" by the Hunters Guild. But, not until the opportunity came to Sung, he discovered a secret to leveling up.

Manga Like Solo Leveling:
  1. Raid - Recommended by Karen Post#2.

Just post below your recommendation that's has similarity with SOLO LEVELING!

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Raid Manga

- Because it also has Gates that has monsters.
- Job/Classes like healers, archers, tanker etc.
- It also has Guilds and raid party.
- Ranking for the strongest.
- Awakening and 2nd Awakening.
- Monsters and Boss type Monsters.


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