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Vinland Saga New Anime - Teaser Video (PV)


Video By TheAnimeHub at Youtube.

Anime Title: Vinland Saga
Author's/Artist's: Makoto Yukimura
Est. Aired: July 2019
Est. Episodes: 24
Short Review: 
This anime will be one of hottest anime this July, since I have read the Manga, I'm pretty sure that this will be a hit. The story of this anime was a historical anime set on the period of vikings. Thorfinn's father was killed when he was young by a warrior named Askeladd. Even though Thorfinn has grudge with him, Askladd still made him one of his valued soldiers and always bring him whenever there's war. whenever Thorfinn has the opportunity he always ask for duel with Askladd with killing intent to avenge his father, but in a fair square battle. This anime holds more mysteries about Thorfinn's father and why Thorfinn is so adept in fighting.

Sources: Vinland Saga's  News, Wiki, & Website.
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