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Hajimete no Gal - Review & Discussion

[Image: Hajimete_no_Gal_review.png]
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Hajimete no Gal is a 10 episode anime, created by Meguru Ueno. In this anime, the story is kinda common most of you have probably seen this kind of story: unpopular guy finds the opportunity to date a really adorable and popular lady. However, what makes this anime unique and fun are the characters. The main character Junichi Hashiba a simple guy who isn’t enjoying his youth. Also teased and bullied as virgin – (not even wrong).

His friends who’s bringing the majority of the humor here, saw that Junichi has a disappointing life and come up with a plan to help him. They decide and push Junichi to confess his feelings to Yukana Yame one of the most elegant and fashionable gals in the school. I was disappointed at Yukana at first because of her look and attitude, but as you watch more you will see Yukana's personality that will make you fall in love for her. And so Junichi’s unprepared and innocent life will get more exciting starting from here.

I agree that getting a better high school life is a goal by many students. I wonder if Junichi will have one. LOL! His goal may not be an easy one to achieve, but things that are worth doing are most of the time not easy.

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This is interesting I will add this on my list. Thanks
I kinda like her fasion. ^_^
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Yeah right his friends are very funny. It made me and my sister laugh so much. LOL! Happy
Most of the man likes ecchi, but to me I prefer ecchi with good story like this anime.

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