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[SPOILERS] Koi To Uso - Episode 3 Discussion
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[Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-a.png]

What I like in this episode is when they're kissing. I think I kinda know that feeling of doing something that shouldn't done, but it pleases you, even though someone might catch you etc.

But what surprises me is when his best/trusted friend turns out to have feelings for him? And suddenly kissed him.  I find it very awkward and fuyukai desu. *peace* :shock:

[Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3.png][Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-b.png][Image: Koi_To_Uso_Episode_3-c.png]
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This is kinda interesting to me. LOL

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