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Peerless Dad - Manga Recommendation

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Peerless Dad

The story was set in a rural type of provinces maybe before Samurai era started.
However in this Era, "Murim" exist, people who're practicing extraordinary martial arts.
Some are almost God-like powers, like splitting a mountain, controlling waters,
floating in the air using a super-fast feet techniques while some are just too great in a specific
type of martial arts like a swordsman having a very unique sword technique.

The main character here is an ordinary and simple man he was raised from a simple family,
then he met his master, it's not clear how he met his master and why his master left him
without teaching him how to use overpower skills and killing techniques. He was just thought
of how to control his inner strength using breathing technique, some pattern of defense and
attack motions.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=117]

Then he became a "problem solver" to earn money. It's a job similar to mercenary, like hiring them
as a guard during travels of merchants, and doing some simple task like house repair, etc.

Then he met his wife and became a father of triplets. This is a promising Manga that you might love
if your a father and a fan of martial arts action genre.

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