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Best Anime & Manga Genres List

[Image: anime_manga_genre_list.png]

Best Anime & Manga Genres List
I've been wondering why people doing manga and anime genre search. Before, I believed that it doesn't matter what manga or anime genre it has as long as it can entertain me and I enjoy watching and reading it. But, after a year of watching anime and reading manga I realize that I tend to look for something, something that can give me a fulfilling and satisfying feeling. After reading the manga "The Breaker: New Waves" and watching "Gangsta" I realize that I wanted to watch and read more anime and manga with those genres.

Here I made some Manga & Anime Genre List that might help you decide whether what anime/manga you really want to read and watch. I also have now my new favorite manga and anime genres that you might want to consider watching. It's genre are Reincarnated/Rebirth and RPG. But, its not an official genre, it still falls under the genre of Fantasy, Supernatural and Adventure. I just love calling it that way because its much cooler and specific for me. Here are some of my RPG anime recommendations My Top 5 RPG genre Anime! and here is my Rebirth/Reincarnation manga recommendation My Top List of Reincarnation/Rebirth Genre Manga.

Hope you like my post, if you do please hit "Thanks" or Share this post. Thank you!
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