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Re:Zero Rem - What is Your Reaction Game

[Image: reaction.png]

What is your reaction when rem was crawling to subaru using her injured and dislocated arms?
this is really hurtful part I felt so sad and sorry for Rem, she even help Subaru to loosen his chain.
Then said to Subaru to live and she loves Subaro.  

Well, my choice by the way is #8 because that time I was in the bus and Im trying my best to 
hold my teary eyes. LOL

You might also want to kill the one responsible for this, join us in ganging-up 
in killing Petelgeuse in my previous topic here: Petelgeuse - Which Weapon Game 
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
5 I'm teary but manage to hold it coz I can't let my friends see me crying.  Disappointrying2:
I haven't watch this anime, I will watch it first. Smile
(08-18-2016, 06:37 AM)BattleMaster Wrote: I haven't watch this anime, I will watch it first. Smile

You should watch this anime sir, its pretty popular now!
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
5! coz I was holding out my mournful eye. That was an extremely dark and morbid scene. :'(
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