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Who is the Best Anime Flame User?

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Who is the Best Anime Flame User?
I come up with this topic because I was watching flame of recca ending,
just reminiscing, and then I wonder how cool it is to have flame power
then I realize there are many flame user anime who is very cool but the
question is who is the best of them? I wonder who. Happy
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Natsu because he can ate all of their flames!
Itachi aside from his strongest fire moves which is the "amaterasu" he also have powerful genjutsu techniques.
I always enjoyed the flame powers in Reborn. They had this really interesting mix between magic and technology i really liked. With the Xflame gloves
Yeah I should have added him bro! Thanks!
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Natsu can devour different type of fire I wonder what will happen if he eats the amaterasu of itachi
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