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Re:Zero Episode 20 - Ending

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This episode is really exciting because in this episode
Subaru and his new allies is about to engage to the
White Whale one of the Most scariest and merciless
ma-beast. The team subaru-rem bravely initiate the first attack that boost the morale of everyone which is also shown in the ending of episode 19, that really gave me an impact, I cant believed that subaru is now really doing the right choice manly and fearless.

In this fight, it was really amazing especially when they're about to defeat the white whale but the episode ended so fast and in a unexpected and unfortunate way. They realized that the White whale is not alone and it really brings terror and unbelievable impact to everyone who suffer and injured in the fight.

Of course I feel the same, I cant believed it ended that way. I hope in the next episode subaru will come up with a new plan and old geezer asthrea could have his revenge. Hopefully.
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wow!!!! ..... I can not believe that this episode is too nice characters and talented plays especially how to do the strategy, very good indeed, next time I'm waiting to episode...

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