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Re:Zero Episode 21 - Finally! Wilhelm van Astrea

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_10_58_34.png]

Re:Zero Episode 21 - Finally! Wilhelm van Astrea

If you notice in my tittle is more about "Wilhelm van Astrea" well for me
this is his victorious and happiest moments.

This episode is very satisfying and touching because they defeated the White Whale.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_10_59_06.png]
The fight was so intense because they almost lose hope and give up but when the 2 White whale attack
their healing area where injured soldiers are being treated by felix.

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_00_11.png]
Lady Crusch Karsten step in and protected everyone with her very powerful sword skill, (This is one of my favorite part)
Lady Crusch Karsten fell from the impact. I smiled but not because its funny, but I am really amaze, she stand up like a boss!
and this is also funny yet inspiring, after Standing Lady Crusch Karsten shout out loud to everyone about how weak, lame,
fragile and powerless subaru was yet Subaru is the one shouting louder than anyone else that "We can still do this".
[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_01_31.png]
Again as I watch this part I feel like my self esteem and confident boosted like I also want to fight and beat that white whale pokemon!

[Image: Screenshot_2016_08_28_11_01_01.png]
From that shout of Lady Crusch Karsten the soldiers stand up and pick up their weapons and shouted like a true warrior ready
to die for what they're fighting for.

[Image: videotogif_1472348717338.gif]
Speaking of "dying for" here is my most favorite and touching part when Wilhelm van Astrea initiate the finishing move he remembers
Thearesia van Astrea his deceased wife who died from that terror white whale, He remember that Thearesia van Astrea wants to hear
him saying "I love you" but he avoided it back then maybe because for him action speaks louder than words or his just a shy type of person. Then finally he have the chance and opportunity to say those words. Wilhelm van Astrea while crying shouted "I LOVE YOU!"
this is very touching, those cries are manly and a proud loving husband and a true warrior that finally avenge his wife his great love.
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one of my favorite anime! Happy
This is really great anime!!! Just done watching this romantic anime, I hope it will get sequel asap.! :
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Thanks everyone! I know that this is one of the best anime! Happy
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