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A manga/game you wished was an anime?

I have been wondering for a while, but there seems to be many manga and visual novels that we just wish so badly that there was an anime adaptation. Whether there is one or not depends on multiple factors, such as the plot, characters, and especially the popularity of it (how many fans). Therefore, I have been wondering whether or not you have read a manga or a visual novel and thought to yourself, "This should really have an anime."

I have certainly ran into those types of visual novels. Both professionally made by companies such as Broccoli (who are the producers of the famous game Kamigami no Asobi) and Otomate (who have made and published many Drama CD series and games targeted mostly towards females).

At first, I really wanted Servamp to be an anime (I fell in love with the characters and the humor after the first chapter, and things get quite funny as the characters are gradually introduced), and hence, my wish came true. An anime will be released featuring Takuma Terashima as Mahiru Shirota and Kaji Yuki as Kuro (it would be one of the very few times where Kaji will have to go in a lower range of voice).

I'm really looking forward to the anime; the manga has really drawn me in. Although, it is a little bit slow when it comes to relationships, but it still all comes together very nicely in my broad opinion. Anyways, just a brief list of manga and games that I wished had an anime adaptation


more details:

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I also have read a manga that is very good and deserves to have an anime adaptation.
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