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Dango Daikazoku - Saddest Anime Song Ever!

Credits to the video uploader.

Dango Daikasoku is from anime CLANNAD full ending theme song. If you first watch this video
you might think that it's a cute song, new lullaby song, and children's song. But, if you watch the anime first. I'm pretty sure that this song will break your heart and make you teary.   Crying2

Even though I've already watched this over and over I still cry at the saddest part. I don't know why maybe if you try to watch it too, you'll know.
[Image: darkdangem_sig.png]
This anime broke my heart.. I never thought that anime can make me cry like a baby... :D LOL
[Image: laxus_signature_by_vikingterminate-d5qmna4.png]
As a father I think this is one of a real deal. one of the most unforgettable anime!

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