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Manga/Manhua Like Douluo Dalu, TDG, & Panlong.

1. Doulou Dalu I (Combat Continent)
Douluo Dalu II - Jueshui Tangmen
Douluo Dalu 3: The Legend of the Dragon King
Soul Land - Legend of The Gods' Realm

Of course, the Doulou Dalu series is one of the best! The main characters have to spend their lives dedicated to getting stronger. Being bullied, looked-down, useless, and ignored. with all hardships and trials completed it makes them even stronger. This manhua is one of the best, each of characters has a different personality and interesting story.  Worth reading.

2. Manga/Manhua Like Shen Yin Wang Zuo
(Sealed Divine Throne)

3. Tales of Demon and Gods
This is one of my favorite manga, The main character here was one of the few humans that survived from the evil sage emperor. The main character use all his power to defeat the sage alone but still didn't made it the main character was killed in the battle with the Evil Sage Emperor. But, the main character was Reborn at his 13-year-old self. This time MC want to change everything, to save his loved ones and his adored Glory City. He will get his revenge and punish the people who betrayed and sabotage them and most of all to kill the evil sage emperor.

4. Manga/Manhua Like Panlong
(Crouching Dragon)

5. Manga/Manhua Like The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire

6. Manga/Manhua Like Kuang Shen

7. Manga/Manhua Like Desolate Era

8 Manga/Manhua Like Zhan long

9. Zui Wu Dao
(The First One)

10. The Mythical Realm
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Thank you admin! I really like your top list recommendations!
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